Zjoos pampers women

With a chain of stores in Denmark, Zjoos is well equipped to pamper women who love shoes. Women who know that shoes aren’t just shoes. That service isn’t just service. Therefore, zjoos stores go that step further than most.

More than foot and shoe experts


Zjoos has the expertise and the energy to pamper its target group, and always has a wide range of trendy products and its own exciting brands.

The target group is the adult woman with a young mind (mental age 25–45). Zjoos knows and acknowledges her need to pamper herself and show who she is, matching her demands for range, quality and service. She wants the shoes and the style that suit her. This also applies to shoes for her partnerman and children, which Zjoos can also provide.

The goal is to position Zjoos as much more than foot and shoe experts. Zjoos pampers not just feet – Zjoos pampers the woman, so she can pamper herself.

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