Business conceptpremise

We want to be the natural place for the whole family to go for expert service when it comes to shoes, and the chain of shoe shops in Scandinavia with the most satisfied customers.


As head office for the chain, Shoe-d-vision’s vision is to be the most visionary chain of shoe shops in Scandinavia.

The vision for the stores is to be every family’s preferred shoe shop.


We provide a customer experience that is out of the ordinary, and shoes for every moment of life.

The four values


At Skoringen, you are guaranteed professional shoe experts. You will be served by staff members who have extensive knowledge about shoes (and feet), not just because it is their job, but because they love shoes and want you to take home the best shoes for you.


At Skoringen, we meet every customer with a smile and a genuine interest in giving them a unique and positive experience in supplying them with the right shoes. We take the extra step to ensure that our the customers always leaves our the store satisfied.


Every day, we strive to deserve the trust that our customers, suppliers and partners give us. We are honest and open, and we take responsibility, whether internally, in contact with customers or in our dealings with other parties.


We dare to be a pioneer and blaze new trails to give our customers an even better experience, both in-store and online.

The six pillars

Strong brand

Skoringen is a voluntary chain and a strong brand with extensive knowledge that both consumers and dealers associate with positive values.

Solid business

We are a successful community with growth, strong stores, high revenues and a strong head office.

Attractive stores

We are represented nationwide, with the best locations in cities and shopping centres. Our stores are attractive, with up-to-date fittings and modern merchandising. We create traffic via our online store and digital channels.

Wide product range

We are a brand-driven chain, with popular own brands and strong international brands. We have a wide range of seasonally relevant products adapted to trends, customers and local circumstances.

Efficientective back office

We invest in a targeted manner in a shared head office for the chain, where we share systems, resources and agreements, supporting each store in their everyday operations and increasing the chain’s competitiveness.

Generous community

We have owners who are loyal to the chain’s articles of association, decisions and values, and who act with respect for and trust in each other.