Respect for human rights and employee rights

Policy for ethics, responsibility and sustainability

It is Shoe-d-vision’s policy only to trade with suppliers who comply with general requirements for ethics, responsibility and sustainability applicable to all components used in the production of shoes for Shoe-d-vision. Furthermore, suppliers must sign and comply with Shoe-d-vision’s Code of Conduct.

Strategy for own imports

By means of Shoe-d-vision’s policy for ethics, responsibility and sustainability, we wish to draw suppliers’ and agents’ attention to our Code of Conduct – a process that started more than ten years ago.

Shoe-d-vision periodically gathers information about the origin of the materials used to manufacturefor the production of shoes, and where any tanning processes take place.

In addition, Shoe-d-vision conducts periodic checks of production facilities in connection with our product managers’ visits to factories. Five or six such visits are performed each year.

Strategy for external brands

Shoe-d-vision ensures that all suppliers of external brands are familiar with our Code of Conduct.


Shoe-d-vision receives periodic information regarding the geographical location of the tanneries that process skins for the production of our shoes.

The tanneries and manufacturers are highly aware of European requirements regarding ethics, responsibility and sustainability, and they strive to ensure that tanning is performed under acceptable conditions, that working conditions comply with European requirements for the factories, and that the contents of chemicals do not exceed agreed values.

Suppliers and agents at all levels are made aware of European standards, and in particular that our trade with them will cease if such rules are not complied with. For example, Shoe-d-vision’s suppliers in India are audited by the authorities to ensure that they comply with the conditions in our Code of Conduct.

Skins and leather are often traded at auction, and therefore it can be difficult to trace origin.